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Touching dating

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Remember that the more personal you get, the more chemistry, attraction, and trust she will need to be comfortable.Low Level Touching The biggest difference between a friend and a romantic partner is physical intimacy.In my last article we covered the basics of how to touch a woman.While all of that knowledge is useful, none of it means anything if you can’t put it into action.They touch, nuzzle, stroke, and lick to flirt, seduce, communicate, persuade, and mate.Beneath all the trappings of our modern "dating", humans are no different.They wonder why that first kiss didn't happen or felt weird. They wonder why things never got physical with a lover..fizzled out in the bedroom with a spouse.The answer to all of their questions and more is TOUCH. Animals don't court and mate with words, drinks, and dinners.

Touch is inevitable, and even desirable, between people who have chosen to spend time together in close enough contact to explore their romantic compatibility.

If you've found a girl you like and the attraction is mutual, you have to start by breaking the touch barrier, and then you can find sneaky ways to make physical contact more often.

So how do you touch a girl without sending the wrong message?

However, we often get so mixed up in talking that we forget to do what is really important. Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing with you a series of articles on touch.

I will be showing you how to seduce, flirt, attract, and persuade..just a bit of touching, nuzzling, holding, and hugging.