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The official word from both of the actors' camps is that nothing is going on; Alexandra told E!

Eddie izzard uma thurman dating

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Gandhi was ambitious.'I ask because there is a report today about how the going rate for a knighthood is £750,000. The more U-turns Labour makes, the more loyal he seems to become.He was sent to an English boarding school where he cried up to the age of 11.Thurman does the best she can, but her Jenny is a terrifying mood swing in dire need of Prozac.Luke Wilson is way too breezy in the role reversal of boyfriend and superhero girl friend."My Super Ex-Girlfriend" is also a victim of bad timing, coming on the tail end of "Superman Returns" which plays Superhero straight up, so to speak.The physique and walk are unmistakably male, but everything else - from the Calvin Klein sunglasses to the sheer tights - has been chosen because it screams "woman".So who is this man strolling through London's Soho dressed expensively in women's clothes?However, the archenemy of G-Girl and former high school sweetheart of Jenny, Professor Bedlam, proposes Matt to lure Jenny to strip her superpowers.

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Assuming the date goes without a hitch, then there is the complication that comes with actually latching on to that special person, because the life of the superhero's significant other will be in constant jeopardy should the evil villains discover that the superhero has an Achilles' heel -- a helpless person that they care about.It was nine years ago, and he was wearing spiky heels, PVC trousers and eye-shadow. And, well, he is a high-profile donor to the Labour party. He has been on Newsnight and Question Time flying the flag.His 5ft 7in frame looked stockier then - in fact, with his big square face, he looked like a giant toddler. Indeed, the day of Lord Levy's arrest, earlier this month, coincided with the publication of an advertisement in which prominent people declared their pride in contributing to Labour party funds - and Izzard was the most prominent. Where were all those luvvies, rock stars and captains of industry who had jumped on the New Labour bandwagon in 1997? Last autumn, in a double act with Neil Kinnock, he spoke about his vision for a federalist Europe at a fringe meeting of the Labour party conference.Things start looking up when Matt meets what he thinks is the girl of his dreams in Jenny Johnson (Thurman, Prime), a slender, statuesque woman who is also a real powerhouse in the sack.Trouble is, Jenny exhibits quite a bit of odd behavior, as she mysteriously leaves at a moment's notice, comes back looking like she's been in a tussle, and despite always having an explanation, she always looks like she has something to hide.I half expected him to be Sir Edward Izzard by now. I ask to what extent he has embraced the Hollywood life; does he have his own therapist yet? 'Regular appointments every nine years.'His father worked overseas as an accountant for BP, which was how Eddie came to be born in Yemen, 44 years ago.