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The pdf version which can be used with delivery services was emailed to me right after the video chat. Very convenient and at the privacy of your home or where ever you are. Very satisfied with service, had my meds not long after getting my rec. Tried to renew my recommendation card and the place I went to was closed down. I highly recommend this place to go to because is fast, easy, and the doctor is really nice. I don't have that many doctors around my area and I was approved right away on Friday and my rec came in today and I already recommended many family members and friends. Was a little skeptical about it, but once I talked to my doctor (Dr. 420Recs is a 100% online telemedicine platform that connects medical cannabis patients with knowledgeable, compassionate medical doctors.This law gives individuals the right to use and possess medical marijuana legally.

A near miss between a car and a speeding train was caught by CCTV cameras in Poland.

WATCH THE LIVE STREAM BELOW:11.30am BST: Animal Adventure Park has confirmed that April’s giraffe cam will be switched off at 9.30pm BST today.

There is a glimmer of hope for fans, as the park has said that plans for future giraffe baby updates will be announced next week.8.30am BST: Animal Adventure Park has shared an adorable picture of April and her calf sharing breakfast.“Baby has quite the personality,” the Park said, and revealed that the top 10 names in its voting contest are (in no particular order): Unity, Patches, Apollo, Patch, Peter, Harpur, Geoffrey, Noah, Ollie and Allysa’s choice – Allysa being April’s lead keeper.6.10pm BST: April is slowly pacing around her pen with Oliver right next to her in his enclosure.

This is one of the first things you should check: Does the browser you’re using actually support the type of media file you’re trying to play?

It’s simple enough to forget which browsers support which file types, so I’ll refresh your memory here. It’s possible, however, that the file wasn’t encoded correctly.