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When installing the display's on my system the computer recognized the display's but simply disabled them. After upgrading to Win 10, only one monitor was working but the NVidia graphics card was not recognized in device manager.

I tried to uninstall the driver installed for Win 8.1 in vain. Had a similar problem and got it fixed without reinstalling the drivers.

In order for MDT to join machines into the domain you need to create an account and configure permissions in Active Directory.

Just to elaborate, Right Click on the Start Icon and select Control Panel (ie, open up the classic control panel) Click on Display I had to click on "Change Display Settings" on the left hand panel As Ian said, click on the "black" monitor and make it Extend Desktop to this display, this will enable it and then you can use the normal Screen Resolution window in Windows 10 to manage your displays, just seems Windows 10 doesn't enable the third screen and "hides" the option in the current settings app.

Note For important details about the setup for the steps outlined in this article, please see Deploy Windows 10 with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. These steps assume you have downloaded the sample Set-OUPermissions.ps1 script and copied it to C:\Setup\Scripts on DC01.

The account is used for Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) to connect to MDT01.

For the purposes of this topic, we will use three machines: DC01, MDT01, and PC0005.

DC01 is a domain controller, MDT01 is a Windows Server 2012 R2 standard server, and PC0005 is a blank machine to which you deploy Windows 10.

MDT01 and PC0005 are members of the domain for the fictitious Contoso Corporation. These steps will show you how to configure an Active Directory account with the permissions required to deploy a Windows 10 machine to the domain using MDT.

The reason for either of these annoying interruptions is that the driver for your hard disk simply isn’t on the Windows XP CD….bummer eh.

You probably don’t have a floppy drive either, right?