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We proudly positioned the blurb announcing his lecture at the front of the newsprint catalog on its own two-page spread, rather than tucked away amid the litany of courses taught by shamans, sexperts, and self-professed real estate tycoons. Apparently, I learned, gurus are people too, even gurus lining the self-help shelves of friendly neighborhood bookstores.
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The Consent is Mandatory campaign seeks to address rape culture on campus.

Rape culture is a societal system which historically and presently blames victims and survivors of sexual violence, while normalising the actions of perpetrators.

We invite Congress attendees to register for any and all workshops that engage their interest — the workshops are modular, so can be taken individually or as a two-day course of study. If you know a colleagues, students, or friends who might enjoy this DH workshop series, please pass on our poster.

After complaints from a student and B’nai Brith Canada, Ryerson University has referred the case of an employee who made anti-Semitic statements at a local mosque to several internal departments for review.

Ryerson Against Racism, a website set up by Ryerson student Aedan O’Connor, is calling for Elkasrawy to be fired.

Sexual assault often happens when a person is tricked into performing or receiving sexual attention, by means of guilting, shaming, begging, bribing or threatening.Brooke Alexandra Hogarth so that he can obtain a referral from her to see a Psychiatrist. Hogarth calls the Toronto Police on Ryerson University campus in order to apprehend Steve against his will so that he will be abducted to a mental hospital as a detained patient under psych evaluation. Hogarth insists that she has the power to fill out a psychiatric evaluation form against him under the Ontario Mental Health Act.In my opinion, this incident is scary because it appears that any patient with bad nightmares or the wrong type of thoughts can end up getting abducted by law enforcement to be committed to a mental hospital.Destroy anyone who displaced the sons of the Muslims, O Allah! And so I wish to apologize unreservedly for misspeaking during prayer last Ramadan.Count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them, O Allah! I firmly believe that all human beings: Muslims, Jews, Christians and people of all and no faith deserve to live a life free of any threat to their safety.Hundreds of Canadian university students have joined an American online service that connects young students with wealthy older patrons, promising a “sugar daddy” for every “sugar baby.” Toronto’s Ryerson University is the top Canadian school on Seeking, where the tagline reads “mutually beneficial relationships and mutually beneficial arrangements.” The site promises frank, no-strings-attached relationships, where young students – mostly women – write what they want and older patrons – mostly men – post what they’re willing to give.