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Yes I know, Yelp is not a dating service/sight, and I do not use Yelp for that, but come on!
BUT get to know me:) I'm a sweet and reserved person at times.

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It’s hard to be in a relationship with someone who annoys you all the time.If you’re interested in someone new or if you want to have a long and happy relationship with your man, you may have to double-check to see if what you’re doing is making him want to stay or run away.For this entry we have embarked on a global mission of discovery (OK, so I emailed some friends in different countries) to find out what would be the ultimate dating turn off for single gay men.We reached out to friends, friends of friends, strangers, former flings and the results ranged from “Who are you, and what do you want?We’ve done the hard work, arming you with knowledge so your dates can run far more smoothly, and of course, names have been changed to protect the guilty… Dan (27, London, UK) “I hate guys who don’t understand the difference between an average body and a fat one. It’s not like I won’t find out that they’re full of BS if they tell lies about their bodies.The same with guys who think that a “stocky” body is the same as athletic. I sometimes think they expect me to meet them and be won over by their personality. Samuel (38, New York, USA) “I like guys younger than me sometimes, and I like guys older than me sometimes.Another thing that falls into this category is when a girl makes decisions for her guy, like making choices for him about what clothes to wear or who he should be friends with, or saying the both of you would go to a party or event without consulting him or checking if he has other plans first.

For most of them, it’s either they like you or they don’t.Im not telling you to lick your fingers clean at the end of your meal, Im just telling you to eat like a normal person!A girl who has eating issues is a red flag, and something that wed rather not get involved with. Bad manicure (or lack thereof)Im going to go ahead and say that its worth it to spring for a pampering session."What I find utterly attractive is a man who knows when to be a man and when to be a child.You can't have too much of one; there should be a balance.Just as women hates mama’s boys, men don’t really appreciate being mothered by someone other than their actual mother. He may want to spend time with his friends and do guy stuff, so let him.