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Drupal theme css not updating

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I've, of course, gone to the clear cache section under configuration/performance on the admin panel. I have tried toggling the aggregate & compress css options on and off, clearing the cache in between. This was cross posted to the distribution's issue queue, but I don't think it has anything to do with the Community Media Starter Kit distribution itself.

I have gone into the FTP and manually deleted the cache. The CSS files are going in the correct folder (I've checked that, too! I inspected the page source, and it is definitely still presenting with the old CSS. ::edit:: I just wanted to add that I'm using Skeleton Theme as a base. I went to look at the theme installation, to see if there was any way I could change the theme out, to see if it would reset- The theme selected was Garland.... It would seem perhaps there's some kind of directory issue, where Drupal is searching for changes in another theme folder? First, you should rule out DNS by settings the DNS locally and/or clearing the DNS cache.

The format can can vary among the different browsers.

Below are a few examples of different sites with different browsers.

Disabling most modules - at least, ruling out the usual suspects (devel, etc) Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. I'm not entirely sure what the issue you're having is as the stylesheets absolutely do get pulled in.

Having just done a 100% clean install of Drupal and a brand new subtheme, I can tell you that stylesheets declared in your do in fact, without a shadow of a doubt, get pulled in normally.

It’s not as useful when used as an internet site, due to many of its features being geared towards document sharing and collaboration.

If you’re familiar with web development using any other CMS or collaborative web application platform, such as Wordpress, Drupal, Umbraco, Dot Net Nuke, Magento, and so on, you’ll be able to grasp Sharepoint conceptually without too much difficulty.

Though a Sharepoint site or application can be used as either an internet or intranet site, it’s most common for businesses to use it as an intranet portal, allowing employees to communicate with one another and collaborate on documents and wiki pages.Every attempt at debugging has led me to believe that this has something to do with the DNS not refreshing. ::edit edit:: I've also used Devel to Rebuild the Theme Registry. These are the steps for OSX, but you can find the similar instructions for any OS...I read somewhere that someone made some kind of changes to the A Name Record. I've scoured the net for a solution, and nobody who's had this problem has found a solution. Clearing local DNS cache Mac OSX Lion DNS lookup order Once you've determined that the site you are ftp'ing to is the same site, let's look at how the themes are being loaded by the distribution.This often requires using drush rr or manually clearing the cache tables]1 since the WSOD will stop all pages from loading including the Admin Clear Cache.It is REALLY unlikely that would be required for a theme.This publication is intended as a useful quick-start guide for front-end developers delving into the realm of Sharepoint development. If you do happen to stumble across any information in this book that you feel should be corrected post-haste, please don’t hesitate to email me: I will thusly research the correction in question, and assuming it passes my rigorous, time-tested set of qualifications (read: “me lazily Googling for a few minutes”), I will amend this book and credit you somewhere in kind. Furthermore, Sharepoint’s default front-end code (that is, the HTML, CSS, and JS that are used by default within a fresh install of Sharepoint) is so horrific that you’ll likely begin immediately assessing how to rewrite or overhaul the existing code in a desperate attempt to bring it in line with modern web development standards. We’ll also walk through common vocabulary used during Sharepoint development. The answer to all of these questions is “Sharepoint.” Look, I’m not a scientist.